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Birthday dress

March 22, 2012

I made this dress to wear on my speacial birthday day off, a couple of years ago, let me think when that was……, it was 2 and a half years ago, when I was about to turn 31 yikes! That seems young now, although at the time I was a bit depressed at how old I had become without realising it.

This was still quite early on in my sewing adventures, and I made it without a pattern, by tracing an approximate bodice fmor a top I think, and making up the skirt. Luckily it was made in a heavy stretch fabric, that conceals all imperfections, and manages to fit well. There was no zip, and the frill on the front was super easy to do as the fabric doesn’t really fray, so I didn’t edge it or anything. I am a very lazy sewer by the way, as my blog name indicates, so sorry to all the amazing people out there who sew properly 🙂  When I do get time for sewing I am usually so desperate to get a finished item that I cut as many corners as possible.

I wore the dress on my day off to celebrate my birthday, which included a lazy morning wondering around Covent Garden, shopping, then off to a spa for a seaweed wrap and massage (thank you very much, lovely hubby), followd by dinner with aforementioned hubby at a lovely restaurant. I felt very comfortable in my self made dress at all of these locations, which I am now feeling quite proud of. There is nothing quite like wearing something you have made yourself. Now I am all fired up to kickstart my sewing to make more things to wear, yay!


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